"Impostor Syndrome doesn’t discriminate: people of every demographic suffer from feeling like a fraud, though minorities and women are hardest-hit". Together with our partner Financial Times we are organizing a panel discussion on Imposter Syndrome. We invited experienced female leaders in tech and psychologist to cover this topic from various points.

During the event, we will discuss what Imposter Syndrome is, reasons that cause it and ways to deal with it. We will share our own experiences and at the end will give an opportunity for you to ask questions. We understand that it is not easy to talk about feelings, emotions and personal insecurities, that's why there will be a possibility to ask anonymous questions, so you could feel comfortable asking them. At the end of the panel discussion we will have a networking part where you will be able to talk personally with all the speakers and participants. Remember you are not alone, so let's support each other!
Venue & Address
Financial Times

9 Moskovska Str.
1000 Sofia

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Event Date & Time (Local Time)
22 October 2019 11:30 - 14:30