Coding GIrls Group Photo

Yesterday Coding Girls had one of their typical meetups in Plovdiv - vibrant, motivational and fun. The topic of the evening was Embrace Your Courage. Exactly because of that the meetup began with a get-to-know-each-other game where attendees had to come up with their brave wishes and finish the sentence “When I have the courage I will…”. It turned out that there were a lot of people who'd do bungee jumping and speak publicly when they will have enough courage. What will you do when you have the courage?

After Anna Radulovski and Maria Totova shared updates from the past month: from award for best social project at Splash Awards, many meetings and presentations in front of school and university students, conference partnerships, hackatons and conducted courses, people had a chance to grab a bite and chat a little bit. Of course, there were updatesa about upcoming events which we are looking forward to. Check them here.

As soon as everyone got little bit of strength from the delicious snacks, we continued with our amazing speaker - Viktoria Stoyanova - an electronics engineer, robotics teacher and the founder of Roboparty Club. She shared her personal story and inspired all the participants to pursue their dreams. With her passion for technology and empowering kids to turn from users to innovators, Victoria managed to impress everyone. Check some photos from our facebook page.

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